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Help Jack and his campaign team achieve success on may 16th Volunteer or Donate today!

In addition to spreading a “good word” for Jack among family, friends and colleagues, here are some additional ways that you can help:

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Donations may be made via personal checks, made payable to “Friends of Jack D. Ripper” and sent to:

Friends of Jack D. Ripper Committee
Post Office Box 63
Saxonburg, PA 16056

Please note:
  1. Election Code mandates that candidates for District Judge may not personally solicit or accept campaign contributions. All donations to such campaigns must be handled by an authorized campaign committee (i.e., Friends of Jack D. Ripper).

  2. Corporations or unincorporated associations cannot make direct contributions or expenditures to candidates or political committees. However, they may make independent contributions. Contact our campaign committee for more information.
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